/ 5klArIfaI; `klArE9faI/ v (pt, pp -fied)
[I, Tn] (cause sth to) become clear or easier to understand (使某事物)清楚易懂; 澄清: clarify a remark, statement 澄清一项意见﹑ 声明 * I hope that what I say will clarify the situation. 我希望我说的话能澄清这一情况.
[Tn] remove impurities from (fats), eg by heating 除去(油脂)中的杂质(如用加热法): clarified butter 已除去杂质的黄油.
> clarification / 9klArIfI5keIFn; 9klArEfE`keFEn/ n [U] clarifying or being clarified 澄清; 被澄清: The whole issue needs clarification. 整个问题都需要澄清.