2 / kleIm; klem/ n
[C] (a) ~ (for sth) demand for a sum of money (as insurance, compensation, a wage increase, etc) 索款(作为保险金﹑ 赔偿﹑ 增薪等): put in/make a claim for damages, a pay rise, etc 提出损害赔偿﹑ 增薪等要求. (b) sum of money demanded 索要的金额: That's a very large claim! 索要的是一大笔钱!
[C, U] ~ (to sth); ~ (on sb/sth) right to sth 对某事物的权利: His claim to ownership is invalid. 他的所有权是无效的. * a claim to the throne 对获得王位的权利 * You have no claim on (ie no right to ask for) my sympathy. 你没有要我同情的权利. * His only claim to fame (ie The only remarkable thing about him) is that he once met Stalin. 他唯一出风头的事是他与斯大林有一面之缘.
[C] statement of sth as a fact; assertion 称某事为事实的陈述; 声称; 断言: Nobody believed his claim that he was innocent/to be innocent. 他说他清白, 谁也不相信.
[C] thing claimed, esp a piece of land 索要之物(尤指土地).
(idm 习语) lay claim to sth (a) state that one has a right to sth 声称对某事物有权利: lay claim to an inheritance, an estate, a property, etc 声称对遗产﹑ 产业﹑ 财产等有权利. (b) (usu negative 通常作否定) state that one has knowledge, understanding, a skill, etc 自称有知识﹑ 智力﹑ 技能等: I lay no claim to being an expert economist. 我决不自命为经济学专家. stake a/one's claim => stake.
> claimant / 5kleImEnt; `klemEnt/ n person who makes a claim2(1a), esp in law 索偿者(尤指在法律上).