1 / kleIm; klem/ v
(a) [Tn] demand or request (sth) because it is or one believes it is one's right or one's property 要求或索要(某事物)(因是应得的权利或财物): claim diplomatic immunity, the protection of the law, etc 要求外交豁免﹑ 法律保护等 * After the Duke's death, his eldest son claimed the title. 公爵死後, 其长子要求继承爵位. * She claims ownership (ie says she is the rightful owner) of the land. 她对这块土地的产权提出要求(称她是合法所有人). * claim an item of lost property 认领丢失的财物 * (fig 比喻) Gardening claims (ie takes up) much of my time in the summer. 夏天, 园艺工作需要(占去)我大量时间. (b) [I, Ipr, Tn] ~ (for sth) demand (money) under an insurance policy, as compensation, etc 凭保险单要求赔偿(款项); 索赔: Have you claimed (the insurance) yet? 你索取(保险金)了吗? * You can always claim on the insurance. 反正出了事可按保险索赔. * claim for damages 要求损害赔偿金.
[Tn, Tf, Tt] state or declare (sth) as a fact (without being able to prove it); assert 声称; 宣称; 断言: claim knowledge (ie to have knowledge) of sth 自称知道某事 * After the battle both sides claimed victory. 战斗结束後, 双方均宣称获胜. * She claims (that) she is related to the Queen/claims to be related to the Queen. 她声称和女王有亲属关系.
[Tn] (of things) need (sth); deserve (指事物)需要, 值得: important matters claiming one's attention值得注意的重要事情.
[Tn] (of a disaster, an accident, etc) cause the loss or death of (sb) (指灾难﹑ 事故等)使(某人)失踪或死亡: The earthquake claimed thousands of lives/victims. 地震夺去数以千计的[]罹难者的生命.
(phr v) claim sth back ask for sth to be returned 要回某物; 索回: You can claim your money back if the goods are damaged. 货物有损坏, 可以要求退钱.