/ 5sIvIk; `sIvIk/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
of a town or city; municipal 集镇的; 城市的; 市的: a civic function, eg the opening of a new hospital by the mayor of a town 城市的庆典(如市长为新医院剪彩).
of citizens or citizenship 公民的; 公民身分的; 市民的: civic pride, ie citizens' pride in their town 市民的自豪(市民对自己城市的自豪) * civic duties, responsibilities etc 公民的义务﹑ 责任.
> civics / 5sIvIks; `sIvIks/ n [sing v] study of municipal government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens 公民学(研究市政和公民的权利与责任的学科).
# ,civic `centre (Brit) area in which the public buildings of a town (eg the town hall, library, etc) are grouped together 市中心(城市公共建筑, 如市政厅﹑ 图书馆等集中的地区).