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[C usu pl 通常作复数] condition or fact connected with an event or action 环境; 情形; 情况: What were the circumstances of/surrounding her death? ie Where, when and how did she die? 她是在什麽情况下死的? (她是在何地﹑ 何时及如何死的?) * She was found dead in suspicious circumstances, ie She may have been murdered. 她死的情形可疑(她可能是被谋杀的). * He was a victim of circumstance(s), ie What happened to him was beyond his control. 他是客观环境的牺牲者(他所遇到的事是他无法控制的). * Circumstances forced us to change our plans. 客观情况迫使我们改变了计划.
circumstances [pl] financial position 经济状况: What are his circumstances? 他的经济状况如何? * in easy/poor circumstances, ie having much/not enough money 处於富裕[贫穷]境况.
(idm 习语) in/under the `circumstances this being the case; such being the state of affairs 在这种情况下; 情形既然如此: Under the circumstances (eg because the salary offered was too low) he felt unable to accept the job. 在这种情况下(如所提的薪金太低), 他觉得无法接受这项工作. * She coped well in the circumstances, eg even though she was feeling ill. 她在这种情况下仍处理得当(如虽然身体不适). in/under no circumstances in no case; never 在任何情况下决不; 无论如何不: Under no circumstances should you lend him any money. 你无论如何都不该把钱借给他. in straitened circumstances => straitened. pomp and circumstance => pomp.