/ 5s\:kIt; `s[kIt/ n
line, route or journey round a place 围绕一地方的线﹑ 路线或旅程; 周线; 圈: The circuit of the city walls is three miles. 环绕本市城墙的周长是三英里. * The earth takes a year to make a circuit of (ie go round) the sun. 地球绕太阳一周需要一年时间. * She ran four circuits of the track. 她在跑道上跑了四圈.
(a) complete path along which an electric current flows 电路: There must be a break in the circuit. 电路中一定有断路. (b) apparatus with a sequence of conductors, valves, etc, through which an electric current flows 电器装置: [attrib 作定语] a circuit diagram, ie one showing the connections in such an apparatus 电路图.
(a) regular journey made by a judge round a particular area to hear cases in court 巡回审判(法官定期巡回某地区): go on circuit, ie make this journey 进行巡回审判 * [attrib 作定语] a circuit judge 巡回法官. (b) area covered by such a journey 巡回审判地区.
(in sport) series of tournaments in which the same players regularly take part 联赛: the American golf circuit 美国高尔夫球联赛.
group of Methodist churches sharing the same preachers within a particular area (在某地区有同一批传教士的)卫理公会组织.
# `circuit-breaker n automatic device for interrupting an electric current 断路器(自动切断电路的装置).
`circuit training method of training using a series of different athletic exercises 循环训练法(用一系列体育项目锻炼的方法).