/ tFu:; tFu/ v
[I, Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) work or grind (food) between the teeth 嚼碎或咀嚼(食物): Chew your food well before you swallow it. 食物要先嚼烂再下咽.
(idm 习语) bite off more than one can chew => bite1. ,chew the `cud (of sth) reflect upon sth already said or done; ponder sth 回味﹑ 体味﹑ 玩味某事物; 深思某事物. ,chew the `fat/`rag (infml 口) talk about sth, often in a grumbling or argumentative way 谈论某事物(常为以抱怨或争辩的方式); 发牢骚; 唠叨; 拌嘴.
(phr v) chew sth over (infml 口) think about sth slowly and carefully (从容审慎地)细想某事物: ,chew over a `problem 仔细考虑一个问题 * I'll give you till tomorrow to ,chew it `over. 我给你一天时间考虑考虑这问题.
> chew n
1 act of chewing 咀嚼.
2 thing that can be chewed, eg a sweet or a piece of tobacco 可以咀嚼的东西(如糖果或烟草).
# `chewing-gum (also gum) n [U] sticky substance flavoured and sweetened for prolonged chewing 口香糖.