2 / tFIE(r); tFIr/ n
[C] shout of joy, praise, support or encouragement 欢呼声; 喝采声: the cheers of the crowd 群众的欢呼声 * Three cheers for (ie Shout `hurray' three times to show admiration for) the bride and groom! 向新娘﹑ 新郎三次欢呼!
[U] (arch 古) happiness and hopefulness 欢愉与乐观: Christmas should be a time of great cheer. 圣诞节应是欢乐的时刻.
# `cheer-leader n (esp US) person who leads the cheering by a crowd, esp at a sporting event 带领观众欢呼的人; (尤指体育比赛中的)啦啦队长.