/ tFi:t; tFit/ v
[I, Ipr] ~ (at sth) act dishonestly or unfairly in order to win an advantage or profit 欺骗: accuse sb of cheating at cards 指责某人玩纸牌时作弊.
[Tn] trick or deceive (sb/sth) 欺骗或瞒哄(某人[某事物]): cheat the taxman, ie avoid one's taxes 欺瞒税务局(逃税) * (fig 比喻) cheat death, ie come close to dying but stay alive by luck or cunning 死里逃生.
[Ipr, Tn] ~ (on) sb (esp US) be unfaithful to one's wife, husband or lover 不忠实於妻子﹑ 丈夫或情人.
(phr v) cheat sb (out) of sth prevent sb from having sth, esp in an unfair or a dishonest way 防止某人得到某事物(尤指以不正当或不诚实的手段): He was cheated (out) of his rightful inheritance. 他依法应得的遗产被人骗走了.
> cheat n
1 person who cheats, esp in a game 骗子; (尤指游戏或比赛中的)作弊者.
2 dishonest trick 欺骗手段.