/ tFi:p; tFip/ adj (-er, -est)
(a) low in price; costing little money 廉价的; 花钱少的; 便宜的: cheap tickets, fares 廉价票﹑ 便宜的交通费 * the cheap seats in a theatre 剧院的廉价座位 * Cauliflowers are very cheap at the moment. 菜花现在很便宜. (b) worth more than the cost; offering good value 合算的; 实惠的; 价钱好的: 3 is very cheap for a hardback book. 花3英镑买精装书很上算.
charging low prices 要价低的: a cheap hairdresser, restaurant 要价低的理发师﹑ 饭馆.
of poor quality; shoddy 品质低劣的; 质量差的: cheap furniture, jewellery, shoes 劣质家具﹑ 珠宝﹑ 鞋 * a cheap and nasty bottle of wine 一瓶质量恶劣的﹑ 难喝的葡萄酒.
insincere; shallow(2) 不真诚的; 肤浅的: cheap flattery 虚伪的奉承.
(of people, words or actions) not worthy of respect; despicable; contemptible (指人﹑ 词语或行为)不值得尊敬的, 卑鄙的, 可耻的: a cheap gibe, joke, remark, retort, etc 低级的嘲弄﹑ 玩笑﹑ 言语﹑ 反驳等 * That was a cheap trick to play on her. 那样捉弄她是可耻的. * He's just a cheap crook. 他纯粹是个卑鄙的无赖. * His treatment of her made her feel cheap. 他那样对待她, 她觉得很丢脸.
(esp US) excessively careful with one's money; mean; stingy 对钱过分仔细的; 吝啬的; 小气的.
(idm 习语) cheap/common as dirt => dirt. cheap at the price so well worth having that the price, however high it is, does not seem too much 无论价钱多麽高都值得: The holiday will be very expensive but if it helps to make you fit and healthy again it will be cheap at the price. 度假要花很多钱, 但能助你恢复健康, 花钱再多也值得. ,hold sth `cheap (fml 文) consider sth to be of little value or importance 认为某事物无价值或不重要; 轻视. ,make oneself `cheap do sth which causes other people to respect one less 做出让人看不起的事. on the `cheap (infml 口) without paying the usual, or a fair, price 没有付通常的或公道的价钱; 便宜的: buy, sell, get sth on the cheap 便宜地买﹑ 卖﹑ 得到某事物.
> cheap adv (infml 口)
1 for a low price 廉价地: get sth cheap 廉价买到某物 * sell sth off cheap 廉价卖出某物.
2 (idm 习语) ,go `cheap (infml 口) be offered for sale at a low price 廉价卖: The local shop has some radios going cheap. 本地商店有些廉价的收音机.
cheaply adv 1 for a low price 廉价地: buy, sell, get sth cheaply 廉价买﹑ 卖﹑ 得到某事物. 2 in a cheap(1a) manner 廉价地; 便宜地: The room was cheaply furnished. 屋里配置了便宜的家具. 3 (idm 习语) get off lightly/cheaply => lightly (light3).
cheapness n [U].