/ tFAt; tFAt/ n [C, U] friendly informal conversation 聊天; 闲谈: I had a long chat with her (about her job). (关於她的工作)我和她聊了很久. * That's enough chat get back to work. 别再聊了--回去工作吧. =>Usage at talk1 用法见talk1.
> chat v (-tt-)
[I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (away); ~ (to/with sb) (about sth) have a chat 聊天; 闲谈: They were chatting (away) in the corner. 他们在角落里闲谈. * What were you chatting to him about? 你和他聊了些什麽?
(phr v) chat sb up (Brit infml 口) talk to sb in a friendly or flirtatious manner in order to gain his or her confidence 和某人亲切地或轻佻地交谈(以获取信任): Who was that pretty girl you were chatting up last night? 昨晚你与之谈笑风生的那个漂亮姑娘是谁?
chatty adj (-ier, -iest)
1 fond of chatting 爱闲聊的; 爱聊天的.
2 resembling chat; informal 闲聊般的; 非正式的: a chatty description 随便的描述. chattily adv. chattiness n [U].
# `chat show television or radio programme in which (esp well-known) people are interviewed 电视或无线电采访节目(尤指对知名人士的).