/ tFB:tE(r); `tFBrtL/ n
(a) written statement by a ruler or a government granting certain rights and privileges to a town, company, university, etc 特许状(统治者或政府给予一城市﹑ 公司﹑ 大学等的某些权利或特权的证书): privileges granted by royal charter 皇家特许状所给予的特权. (b) written statement of the main functions and principles of an organization or institution; constitution (写明某组织或机构的主要职责与原则的)章程, 宪章.
hiring of a ship, an aircraft or a vehicle for a particular purpose or group of people (为某目的或某团体对船只﹑ 飞机或车辆的)包租: [attrib 作定语] a `charter plane 包机.
> charter v [Tn]
1 grant a charter(2) to (sb/sth) 准予(某人[某事物])包租(船只﹑ 飞机或车辆).
2 hire (an aircraft, etc) for a particular purpose (为某目的)包租(飞机等): a chartered plane 包机.
chartered / 5tFB:tEd; `tFBrtLd/ adj [attrib 作定语] qualified according to the rules of a professional association which has a royal charter (根据持有皇家特许状的专业协会的规章)合格的: a chartered engineer, librarian, surveyor, etc 特许工程师﹑ 图书馆馆长﹑ 检测官等. ,chartered ac`countant (Brit) (US ,certified ,public ac`countant) fully trained and qualified accountant 特许会计师.
# `charter flight flight by a chartered aircraft 包机航班.
`charter-party n (commerce 商) agreement for the hire of a ship for a particular voyage or period of time 租船契约; 租船合同.