2 / tFB:m; tFBrm/ v [Tn]
please, fascinate or attract (sb); delight 取悦, 迷住或吸引(某人); 使欣喜: He charms everyone he meets. 他使他遇见的每一个人都感到愉快. * He was charmed by her vivacity and high spirits. 她的活泼与兴高采烈的情绪把他迷住了.
influence or protect (sb/sth) by or as if by magic (如有魔法般)影响或保护(某人[某事物]): He has a charmed life, ie has escaped many dangers, as if protected by magic. 他的生命似有神灵保护(多次脱险似有神助).
(phr v) charm sth from/out of sb/sth get sth from sb/sth by using charm 使用迷人手段从某人[某事物]处得到某事物: She could charm the birds from the trees! 她有沉鱼落雁的魅力!
> charmer n person who charms people of the opposite sex 对异性有吸引力的人.
charming adj delightful 令人高兴的; 迷人的; 可爱的: a charming man, village, song 令人喜爱的男子﹑ 村庄﹑ 歌. charmingly adv.