1 / tFB:m; tFBrm/ n
(a) [U] power of pleasing, fascinating or attracting people; attractiveness 迷人或吸引人的力量; 魅力: a woman of great charm 极为迷人的女子 * He has a lot of charm. 他很有魅力. * the charm of the countryside in spring 郊外的春光明媚. (b) [C] pleasing or attractive feature or quality 吸引人的特点或性质; 妩媚: a woman's charms, ie her beauty or attractive manner 一女子的妩媚.
[C] (a) object worn because it is believed to protect the wearer and bring good luck 护身符. (b) small ornament worn on a chain or bracelet (装在链上或手镯上的)小饰物: [attrib 作定语] a `charm bracelet 带有饰物的手镯.
[C] act or words believed to have magic power; magic spell 魔法; 咒符; 咒语.
(idm 习语) ,work like a `charm (infml 口) be immediately and completely successful 迅速地而完全地获得成功: Those new pills you gave me worked like a charm. 你给我的那些新药丸真是药到病除.