2 / tFeIndV; tFendV/ n
[C, U] ~ (in/to sth) (act of) making or becoming different; alteration 变化(的行动); 改变; 变更; 变动: a change in the weather 天气的变化 * There has been a change in the programme. 节目有变动. * The Government plans to make important changes to the tax system. 政府计划对税收制度作重大改变. * Doctors say there is no change in the patient's condition. 医生说病人的情况没有变化. * Are you for or against change? 你赞同还是反对改动?
[C] ~ (of sth) (a) act of changing one thing for another 从一事物改换成另一事物的行动: a change of job 换工作 * Please note my change of address. 请注意我改换了地址. * The party needs a change of leader. 这个党需要更换领袖. * This is the third change of government the country has seen in two years. 这次是国家两年来的第三次政府更替. (b) thing used in place of another or others 替代物: Don't forget to take a change of (ie a second set of) clothes. 不要忘记带着替换的衣服.
[C] ~ (from sth) (to sth) (a) act of going from one train or bus to another 换车; 转车: He had to make a quick change at Crewe. 他得在克鲁迅速换车. (b) changed or different routine, occupation or surroundings 改换後的或另一路线﹑ 职业或环境: a welcome change from town to country life 从城市到乡村生活的喜人变化 * She badly needs a change. 她亟须改变一下.
[U] (a) coins or notes of lower values equivalent to a single coin or note of a higher value 辅币: Can you give me/Have you got change for a five-pound note? 你能否给我[你有没有]五英镑的辅币? (b) coins of low value 低值硬币: I've no small change. 我没有零钱. (c) money returned when the price of sth is less than the amount given in payment 找回的钱; 找给的钱: Don't forget your change! 不要忘了找你的钱! * 25p change 找给25便士.
(idm 习语) a change for the `better/`worse improvement/worsening of sth that already exists or that has gone before 现有的或曾有过的某事物的改善[变坏]: The situation is now so bad that any change is likely to be a change for the better. 目前情况恶劣, 只要有变化就是向好处变. a ,change of `air/`climate different conditions or surroundings 换换条件或环境: A change of air (eg a holiday away from home) will do you good. 换换环境(如离家度假)对你有好处. a ,change of `heart great change in one's attitude or feelings, esp towards greater friendliness or co-operation 态度或感情的巨大变化(尤指对增进友好或合作关系). the ,change of `life (euph 婉) = menopause. for a `change to vary one's routine; for the sake of variety 为了改变常规; 为了有变化: We usually go to France in the summer, but this year we're going to Spain for a change. 我们夏天通常去法国, 但今年为了换个地方我们去西班牙. get no change out of sb (infml 口) receive no help, information, etc from sb 从某人处得不到帮助﹑ 信息等. ring the changes => ring2.
> changeless adj never changing 从不改变的.