/ si:s; sis/ v (fml 文)
[I, It, Tn, Tg] come or bring (sth) to an end; stop 停止; 中止: Hostilities (ie Fighting) between the two sides ceased at midnight. 双方在午夜停止敌对行动(战斗). * The officer ordered his men to cease fire, ie stop shooting. 长官命令士兵停火(停止射击). * That department has ceased to exist. 那部门已不复存在. * The factory has ceased making bicycles. 那工厂已停止生产自行车了.
(idm 习语) wonders will never cease => wonder n.
> cease n (idm 习语) without `cease (fml 文) without stopping; continuously 不停地; 不断地.
ceaseless adj not stopping; without end; continuous 不停的; 不绝的; 不断的: His ceaseless chatter began to annoy me. 他不停的唠叨使我厌烦起来. ceaselessly adv.
# ,cease-`fire n
1 signal to stop firing guns in war 战争中的停火信号: order a cease-fire 命令停火.
2 temporary period of truce 休战: negotiate a cease-fire 谈判休战.