/ 5kAVUEltI; `kAVJEltI/ n
person who is killed or injured in war or in an accident (战争或事故中的)伤亡者: Heavy casualties were reported (ie It was reported that many people had been killed) in the fighting. 据报战斗中伤亡惨重(很多人被杀). * (fig 比喻) Mr Jones was the first casualty of the firm's cut-backs, ie the first to lose his job because of them. 琼斯先生在公司裁员中首当其冲(第一个被裁掉). * [attrib 作定语] a casualty list 伤亡名单.
thing that is lost, damaged or destroyed in an accident 事故中损失的物品: The cottage was a casualty of the forest fire. 那小屋被森林大火烧毁.
(also `casualty ward, `casualty department, US emergency) part of a hospital where people who have been hurt in accidents are taken for urgent treatment 急诊室.