/ kB:5tu:n; kBr`tun/ n
(a) amusing drawing in a newspaper or magazine, esp one that comments satirically on current events (报刊上的)漫画; (尤指)时事讽刺画. =>illus 见插图. (b) sequence of these telling a story (报刊上的)连环漫画, 连环讽刺画.
(also animated cartoon) film made by photographing a series of gradually changing drawings, giving an illusion of movement 动画片; 卡通片: a Walt Disney cartoon 迪斯尼动画片.
drawing made by an artist as a preliminary sketch for a painting, tapestry, fresco, etc 草图; 底图.
> cartoonist n person who draws cartoons (cartoon 1a) 漫画家.