/ kB:t; kBrt/ n
(a) vehicle with two or four wheels used for carrying loads and usu pulled by a horse (通常为马拉的两轮或四轮的)大车: a horse and cart 一套马车. Cf 参看 wagon 1. (b) (also `handcart) light vehicle with wheels that is pulled or pushed by hand 手推车.
(idm 习语) put the ,cart before the `horse reverse the logical order of things, eg by saying that the result of sth is what caused it 本末倒置; 因果颠倒.
> cart v [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p]
1 carry (sth) in a cart 用大车拉(某物): carting hay 用大车拉乾草 * cart away the rubbish 把垃圾拉走.
2 (infml 口) carry (sth) in the hands 拿; 提: I've been carting these cases around all day. 我整天都提着这些箱子. =>Usage at carry 用法见carry.
carter n person whose job is driving carts or transporting goods 赶大车的人; 车把势.
# `cart-horse n large strong horse used for heavy work (用以做重活的强壮的)大马.
`cart-load n amount that a cart holds 一辆大车所载的量.
`cart-track n rough track not suitable for motor vehicles (不适於机动车行驶的)大车道.
`cart-wheel n 1 wheel of a cart, with thick wooden spokes and a metal rim 马车轮.
sideways somersault 侧手翻: do/turn cartwheels[]侧手翻. v [I] perform a cart-wheel 做侧手翻.