/ 5kB:pIt; `kBrpIt/ n
(a) [U] thick woollen or synthetic fabric for covering floors 地毯. (b) [C] piece of this shaped to fit a particular room (适用於某房间的)全屋地毯: lay a carpet, ie fit it to a floor 铺地毯 * We have fitted carpets (ie carpets from wall to wall) in our house. 我们家已全铺了地毯(覆盖全部地板的地毯). * We need a new bedroom carpet. 我们需要一块卧室用的新地毯. Cf 参看 red carpet (red1).
[C] thick layer of sth on the ground 地上的一厚层的东西: a carpet of leaves, moss, snow, etc 一厚层的叶子﹑ 苔﹑ 雪等.
(idm 习语) on the `carpet (infml 口) summoned before sb in authority to be reprimanded 被叫去受训斥: The boss had me on the carpet over my expenses claim. 因为索取报销费的事, 老板把我叫去训了一顿. pull the carpet/rug from under sb's feet => pull2. sweep sth under the carpet => sweep1.
> carpet v
1 [Tn, Tn.pr] cover (sth) with or as if with a carpet 以地毯或好像以地毯覆盖(某物): carpet the stairs 在台阶上铺上地毯 * a lawn carpeted with fallen leaves 被落叶覆盖着的草坪.
2 [Tn esp passive 尤用於被动语态] (infml 口) reprimand (sb) 申斥, 责骂(某人): be carpeted by one's boss 遭老板申斥.
# `carpet-bag n (formerly) travelling bag made of carpet (旧时)毯制旅行袋. `carpet-bagger n (derog 贬) political candidate, etc who hopes for success in an area where he is not known and is therefore resented (在某地区因无名声而受排斥却希望获胜的)政治上的候选人等.
`carpet-slippers n [pl] soft slippers with woollen or cloth uppers, worn indoors (室内穿用, 以毛绒或布作面的)软拖鞋.
`carpet-sweeper n device with revolving brushes for sweeping carpets (有旋转刷的)扫地毯器.