/ 5kB:gEU; `kBr^o/ n (pl ~es; US ~s) [C, U] (load of) goods carried in a ship or aircraft (用船或飞行器运载的)货物(量): [attrib 作定语] a cargo ship 货船.
Compare cargo, freight and goods *试比较 cargofreightgoods这三个词. These words are used before the names of vehicles that transport things rather than passengers. They can also refer to the objects transported 这三个词均用於货运的(而非客运的)运载工具名称之前, 也可指所运载的货物: A cargo plane/ship/vessel carries cargo. 货运飞机[货轮/货船]是运载货物的. * A goods/(US) freight train carries goods/freight. 货运列车是运载货物的. (‘货运’一词, 英式英语用goods, 美式英语用freight.) * A passenger train sometimes also has goods wagons/(US) freight cars. 客运列车有时也有货车车厢. (‘货车车厢’英式英语为goods wagon, 美式英语为freight car.)
Cargo [C] can also indicate a particular load that is being transported *cargo还可指所运载货物的量: A cargo of steel was lost at sea. 有一货轮的钢材在海上遗失了.
Freight [U] also indicates the action of transporting *freight也可指运输工作: We can send it by air/sea freight. 我们可以空运[海运]. * What is the freight charge? 运费多少钱? In this sense freight can also be a verb *freight意为运输时, 也可作动词: You can freight your belongings by air or sea. 你可把东西经空运或海运运去.