1 / kR:l; kRl/ n
[C] shout; cry 呼喊; 喊叫: a call for help 大声呼救 * They came at my call, ie when I shouted to them. 我把他们喊来了.
[C] characteristic cry of a bird (鸟的)鸣叫, 啼叫.
[C] signal sounded on a horn, bugle, etc 喇叭﹑ 军号等的号声.
[C] short visit (to sb's house) (到某人家)拜访: pay a call on a friend 访友 * The doctor has five calls to make this morning. 今早大夫要去五家出诊. * We must return her call, ie visit her because she visited us. 我们得到她家回访.
[C] (also `phone call, ring) act of telephoning; conversation on the telephone 打电话; 用电话交谈: give sb/make/receive/return a call 给某人打[拨/接/回]电话 * Were there any calls for me while I was out? 我出去的时候, 有人来过电话吗?
(a) [C] order, signal or invitation, esp to come or meet; summons 命令, 信号, 邀请(尤指使之前来或相见); 召唤: The Prime Minister is waiting for a call to the Palace. 首相待召进宫. * An actor's call tells him when to go on stage. 有个演员示意让他到时上场. * This is the last call for passengers travelling on flight BA 199 to Rome. 乘坐英航199号班机飞往罗马的乘客, 这是最後一次通知. * (fig 比喻) He answered the call of duty and enlisted in the army. 他应徵入伍. (b) [sing] ~ (of sth) inner urge to follow a course of action or profession; vocation 感召; 神召: feel the call (of the priesthood) 感到(教士圣职的)神召. (c) [sing] ~ of sth attraction or fascination of (a particular place or activity) (某处或某活动的)吸引力, 诱惑力: the call of the sea, of the wild, of faraway places, etc 大海﹑ 荒野﹑ 遥远地方等的吸引力. (d) [C] ~ for sth request or demand for sth 对某事物的要求或号召: The President made a call for national unity. 总统号召全国人民团结起来. * There were calls for the Prime Minister's resignation from the Opposition parties. 在反对党中, 有人要求首相辞职.
[U] ~ for sth (esp in negative sentences and questions 尤用於否定句及疑问句中) need or occasion for sth 对某事物的需要, 必要或理由: There isn't much call for such things these days. 这种东西近来需求量不大. * There was no call for such rudeness. 没必要这麽粗暴.
[C] ~ on sb/sth demand on sb/sth 对某人[某事物]的需求: He is a busy man with many calls on his time. 他很忙, 有很多事需要花时间去做.
[C] (in card-games) player's bid or turn to bid (纸牌戏中)叫牌, 轮到叫牌: It's your call, partner. 伙伴, 该你叫牌了.
(idm 习语) at one's/sb's beck and call => beck2. a call of `nature (euph 婉) need to urinate or defecate 要小便或大便. a close call => close1. (be) on `call (esp of a doctor) available for work if necessary (尤指医生)随叫随到: Who's on call tonight? 今晚谁值班? a port of call => port1. within `call near enough to hear sb shouting (for help, etc) 在(求救等)喊声能听到的范围内; 附近.
# `call-box n = telephone-box (telephone).
`call-girl n prostitute who makes appointments by telephone 应召女郎(用电话召唤的妓女).
`call-in = phone-in (phone1).