/ baI; baI/ v (pt, pp bought / bR:t; bRt/)
[I, Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.a, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sb) obtain (sth) by giving money; purchase 购买(某物); 采购: House prices are low; it's a good time to buy. 现在房价很低, 买房子正是时候. * Where did you buy that coat? 那件大衣你是在哪儿买的? * I bought this watch (from a friend) for 10. 这个表我是用10英镑(从朋友那里)买的. * Did you buy your car new or second-hand? 你买的汽车是新的还是旧的? * I must buy myself a new shirt. 我得买件新衬衫了. * She's buying a present for her boy-friend. 她在给男朋友购买礼品.
[Tn] be the means of obtaining (sth) 换取(某事物)的方法或手段: He gave his children the best education that money could buy. 他不惜花费金钱让孩子得到最好的教育. * Money can't buy happiness. 金钱买不到幸福. * A pound today buys much less than it did a year ago. 今天一英镑远远买不到一年前能买的那麽多东西.
[Tn usu passive 通常用於被动语态] obtain (sth) by a sacrifice 作出牺牲以获得(某事物): His fame was bought at the expense of health and happiness. 他获得了名声牺牲了健康和幸福. * The victory was dearly bought, ie Many people were killed to achieve it. 胜利是以昂贵的代价换来的(许多人为之丧命).
[Tn] (infml 口) accept (sth) as valid; believe 认为合乎情理而接受(某事物); 相信: No one will buy that excuse. 谁也不会相信那个借口.
[Tn] bribe (sb) 贿赂(某人): He can't be bought, ie is too honest to accept a bribe. 收买不了他.
(idm 习语) buy a pig in a `poke buy sth without seeing it or knowing if it is satisfactory 购买物品不看货色或不知是否合意; 隔山买老牛. buy `time delay sth that seems to be about to happen 拖延时间: The union leaders are trying to buy time by prolonging the negotiations. 工会的领袖企图以延长谈判过程来拖延时间.
(phr v) buy sth in (a) buy a stock of sth 大量买进某物: buy in coal for the winter 买进大批冬煤. (b) (at an auction) buy back (an item for which the bidding has not reached the agreed price) for the owner (在拍卖中)(因出价未达商妥的价钱)为物主买回(原物). buy sb off pay sb not to act against one's interests 收买某人: Unless he drops the charge we'll have to buy him off. 他若不撤销指控, 我们就得收买他. buy sb out pay sb to give up a share in a business (usu in order to become the sole owner of it oneself) 买下某人公司的股份(通常为独占该公司): Having bought out all his partners he now owns the whole company. 他买下合夥人的全部股份, 现在整个公司是他的了. buy sb over bribe sb 贿赂某人. buy sth up buy all or as much as possible of sth 将某物全部买下; 尽量购入某物: A New York business man has bought up the entire company. 纽约的一个商人把整个公司收购了.
> buy n act of buying sth; thing bought 购买; 所购的物品: a good buy, ie a useful purchase or a bargain 便宜货 * Best buys of the week are carrots and cabbages, which are plentiful and cheap. 本星期买胡萝卜和洋白菜最合算, 因货源充足, 价格低廉.
buyer n
1 person who buys 购买者: Have you found a buyer for your house? 你那房子找到买主没有?
2 person employed to choose and buy stock for a large shop (大商店的)进货员, 采购员. buyer's market state of affairs when goods are plentiful and prices are low 买方市场(货物充足﹑ 价格低廉的市场状况).