/ 5bQtEflaI; `bQtL9flaI/ n
[C] insect with a long thin body and four (usu brightly coloured) wings 蝴蝶. =>illus 见插图.
[C] (fig 比喻) person who never settles down to one job or activity for long 无恒心的人; 没常性的人: a social butterfly 交际花.
[sing] (also `butterfly stroke) stroke in swimming in which both arms are raised and lifted forwards at the same time while the legs move up and down together 蝶泳: doing (the) butterfly 游蝶泳.
(idm 习语) have `butterflies (in one's stomach) (infml 口) have a nervous feeling in one's stomach before doing sth (做某事以前)心慌, 紧张.