4 / bQt; bQt/ v
[Tn, Tn.pr] hit or push (sb/sth) with the head (like a goat) 以头撞或顶(某人[某物])(如山羊般): butt sb in the stomach 撞某人的腹部.
[Tn.pr] hit (one's head) on sth (自己的头部)撞到某物上: He butted his head against the shelf as he was getting up. 他起来时一头撞在搁架上了.
(phr v) butt in (on sb/sth) (infml 口) interrupt (sb/sth) or interfere (in sth) 干扰(某人[某事物]); 干涉(某事物): Don't butt in like that when I'm speaking. 我讲话时别这样打断我的话. * May I butt in on your conversation? 我可以插句话吗?