1 / bUl; bJl/ n
uncastrated male of any animal in the ox family (未阉割的)公牛: [attrib 作定语] a bull neck, ie a short thick one, like a bull's 短粗的脖子(像牛的脖子). Cf 参看 bullock, cow1 1, ox 1, steer2.
male of the elephant, whale and other large animals 雄的(象﹑ 鲸等)大动物. Cf 参看 cow1 2.
(in the Stock Exchange) person who buys shares hoping to sell them soon afterwards at a higher price (证券交易所中)买进股份以期不久可高价卖出的人: [attrib 作定语] a bull market, ie a situation in which share prices are rising (股票的)上涨行情. Cf 参看 bear1 3.
(US sl 俚) policeman or detective 警察; 侦探.
= bull's-eye.
(idm 习语) a bull in a `china shop person who is rough and clumsy when skill and care are needed (在需要细心和技巧的工作中)莽撞而笨拙的人. a cock-and-bull story => cock. a red rag to a bull => red1. take the bull by the `horns face a difficulty or danger boldly 勇敢地面对困难或危险.
> bullish adj (in the Stock Exchange) characterized by or causing a rise in share prices (证券交易所中)看涨的. Cf 参看 bearish (bear1).
# `bullfight n traditional public entertainment, esp in Spain and S America, in which bulls are baited and usu killed in the arena 斗牛. `bullfighter n. `bullfighting n [U].
,bull-`headed adj obstinate or stubborn in a clumsy way 又笨又顽固的; 又笨又执拗的.
,bull-`necked adj having a short thick neck 脖子短粗的.
`bullring n arena for bullfighting 斗牛场.