/ bQlk; bQlk/ n
[U] size, quantity or volume, esp when great 体积, 数量, 容量(尤指巨大的): It's not their weight that makes these sacks hard to carry, it's their bulk. 这些袋子难於搬运, 倒不是因为重而是体积太大. * The sheer bulk of Mozart's music is extraordinary. 莫扎特的乐曲, 其数量之巨就已很了不起了.
[C] large shape, body or person 巨大的形体或身躯: He heaved his huge bulk out of the chair. 他挺起巨大的身躯, 从椅子上站了起来.
[U] food that is not digested but is eaten to stimulate the intestine; roughage 仅刺激肠管而不被消化的食物; 纤维性物质; 食用糠: You need more bulk in your diet. 你的饮食中需要添点儿纤维素.
[sing] the ~ (of sth) main part (of sth) (某事物的)主要部分; 大部分: The bulk of the work has already been done. 大部分工作已经完成. * The eldest son inherited the bulk of the estate. 长子继承了遗产的大部分.
(idm 习语) in `bulk (a) in large amounts 大量: buy (sth) in bulk 大量购买(某物). (b) (of a cargo, etc) not packed in boxes; loose (指货物等)不装箱的, 散装的: shipped in bulk 散装货运.
> bulk v
1 (idm 习语) bulk `large seem important; be prominent 显得重要; 突出: The war still bulks large in the memories of those who fought in it. 对於那些曾参战的人来说, 那场战争仍记忆犹新.
2 (phr v) bulk sth out make sth bigger or thicker 使某事物更大或更厚: add extra pages to bulk a book out 增加额外页数使书更厚.
bulky adj (-ier, -iest) taking up much space; awkward to move or carry 庞大的; 巨大的; 笨重的: the bulky figure of Inspector Jones 琼斯巡官的庞大身躯 * a bulky parcel, crate, load, etc 巨大的包裹﹑ 包装箱﹑ 载荷等.
# ,bulk `buying buying in large amounts, esp the buying of most of a producer's output by one purchaser 大量购买; (尤指)包购(一买主购买某生产者的大多数产品).