/ bQlb; bQlb/ n =>illus 见插图.
thick rounded underground stem of certain plants (eg the lily, onion, tulip) sending roots downwards and leaves upwards 球茎(如百合﹑ 洋葱﹑ 郁金香等植物的地下茎). =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page ii.
(also `light bulb) pear-shaped glass container for the filament of an electric light 电灯泡: change a bulb 换灯泡 * a 60-watt light bulb 60瓦的灯泡.
object shaped like a bulb, eg the bulging end of a thermometer 球茎状物(如温度计球状的一端).
> bulbous / 5bQlbEs; `bQlbEs/ adj
1 growing from a bulb 由球茎长出的.
2 shaped like a bulb; round and fat 球茎状的; 又圆又胖的: a bulbous nose 圆圆的鼻子.