/ bQg; bQ^/ n
[C] small flat foul-smelling insect infesting dirty houses and beds 臭虫.
[C] (esp US) any small insect 小昆虫.
[C] (infml 口) (illness caused by a) germ or infectious virus 细菌或传染性病毒(引起的疾病): I think I've caught a bug. 我看我已经受细菌感染了. * There are a lot of bugs about in winter. 冬天有很多流行病.
(usu 通常作 the bug) [sing] (infml 口) obsessive interest (in sth specified) (对所指事物的)极大兴趣: He was never interested in cooking before, but now he's been bitten by/he's got the bug. 他以前对烹饪从不感兴趣, 但是现在可着迷了.
[C] (infml 口) defect in a machine, esp a computer 机器故障(尤指计算机的): There's a bug in the system. 设备中有故障.
[C] (infml 口) small hidden microphone placed (eg by intelligence services) so that conversations can be heard at a distance 窃听器: search a room for bugs 搜查房间寻找窃听器 * plant a bug in an embassy 在大使馆内放置窃听器.
(idm 习语) snug as a bug in a rug => snug.
> bug v (-gg-) [Tn]
1 (a) fit (a room, telephone, etc) with a hidden microphone for listening to conversations 将窃听器装在(房间﹑ 电话等)里: This office is bugged. 这个办公室已装上了窃听器. (b) listen to (a conversation, etc) with a hidden microphone (用窃听器)窃听(谈话等): a bugging device 窃听装置 * Be careful what you say; our conversation may be being bugged. 说话要当心, 咱们的话可能被窃听了.
2 (infml esp US) annoy (sb); irritate (使某人)烦恼; 激怒: What's bugging you? 你有什麽别扭事儿? * That man really bugs me. 那个人真把我惹火了.
# `bug-eyed adj (infml 口) with bulging eyes 凸眼的.