/ 5bQkIt; `bQkIt/ n
round open container with a handle for carrying or holding liquids, sand, etc (带提梁的)圆桶; 提桶: build sandcastles with a bucket and spade 用提桶和铁铲建造沙堆模型城堡. =>illus 见插图.
(also `bucketful) amount a bucket contains 一桶的量; 一满桶: two buckets/bucketfuls of water 两桶[满桶]水.
scoop of a mechanical shovel, dredger, water-wheel, etc (挖土机﹑ 挖泥机上的)铲斗; (水轮机上的)戽斗等.
buckets [pl] large amounts (esp of rain or tears) 大量(尤指雨或泪): The rain came down/fell in buckets. 大雨倾盆而下. * She wept buckets. 她泪如雨下.
(idm 习语) a drop in the bucket/ocean => drop1. kick the `bucket => kick1.
> bucket v [I, Ip] ~ (down) (of rain) pour down heavily (指雨)倾盆而下: It/The rain bucketed down all afternoon. 瓢泼大雨下了一下午.
# `bucket seat (in a car or an aircraft) seat with a rounded back, for one person (汽车或飞机上的)凹背单人坐具.
`bucket-shop n (infml derog 口, 贬) unregistered business, esp one selling cheap airline tickets 无照商号(尤指卖廉价机票的).