/ 5bQbl; `bQbl/ n
floating ball formed of liquid and containing air or gas (液体形成的)气泡: soap bubbles 肥皂泡 * Children love blowing bubbles. 儿童爱吹泡泡.
ball of air or gas in a liquid or a solidified liquid such as glass (液体或由液体变成的固体, 如玻璃, 中存留的)气泡: Champagne is full of bubbles. 香槟酒有很多气泡. * This glass vase has a bubble in its base. 这个玻璃花瓶底座里有一个气泡.
(idm 习语) prick the bubble => prick2.
> bubble v
1 [I] (of a liquid) rise in or form bubbles; boil (指液体)起泡, 沸腾: stew bubbling in the pot 在锅里冒着泡的炖肉.
2 [I] make the sound of bubbles 发出气泡声: a bubbling stream/fountain 汩汩的溪流[泉水].
3 [I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (over) (with sth) (fig 比喻) be full of (usu happy) feelings 充满(通常指喜悦的)感情: be bubbling (over) with excitement, enthusiasm, high spirits, etc 充满激动﹑ 兴奋﹑ 高昂等情绪.
4 (phr v) bubble along, out, over, up, etc move in the specified direction in bubbles or with a bubbling sound 向某方向汩汩地流动: a spring bubbling out of the ground 汩汩冒出地面的泉水 * Gases from deep in the earth bubble up through the lake. 地下深处的气体从湖底冒了出来.
bubbly / 5bQblI; `bQblI/ adj (-ier, -iest) 1 full of bubbles 充满气泡的: bubbly lemonade 泡多的汽水. 2 (fig approv 比喻, 褒) (usu of a woman) lively; vivacious; animated (通常指女子)活泼的, 快活的, 生气勃勃的: a bubbly personality 活泼的个性. n [U] (infml 口) champagne 香槟酒: Have some more bubbly! 再喝一些香槟酒吧!
# ,bubble and `squeak cooked cabbage and potato mixed and fried 洋白菜煎土豆.
`bubble bath liquid, crystals or powder added to a bath to make it foam and smell pleasant (加进浴水中可产生泡沫和香味的)泡沫液, 泡沫粒, 泡沫粉.
`bubble gum chewing-gum that can be blown into bubbles 泡泡糖(可吹成泡泡的口香糖).