2 / bri:f; brif/ n
(a) summary of the facts of a legal case prepared for a barrister (为讼务律师准备的)案情摘要. (b) case given to a barrister (给讼务律师承办的)案件: Will you accept this brief? 你接受这个案件吗?
instructions and information relating to a particular situation, job, or task (对某情况﹑ 工作或任务的)指示和资料: stick to one's brief, ie only do what one is required to do 照章办事(仅做分内的事) * It's not part of my brief to train new employees. 训练新雇员不是我工作范围以内的事.
(idm 习语) hold no brief for (sb/sth) not wish to support or be in favour of (sb/sth) 不支持, 不赞成(某人[某事物]): I hold no brief for those who say that violence can be justified. 我不赞成人们说有时使用暴力是合乎情理的.
> brief v
1 [Tn, Tnt] give a brief2(1a) to (sb) 将案件委托(某人): The company has briefed a top lawyer to defend it. 公司已将案件委托给最好的律师进行辩护.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (on sth) give sb detailed information or instructions in advance (about sth) 事先给某人详细介绍或指示(某事物): The Prime Minister was fully briefed before the meeting. 首相在会议前已掌握了详尽资料. * The Air Commodore briefed the bomber crew on their dangerous mission. 空军准将向轰炸机机组下达执行危险任务的各项指示. Cf 参看 debrief. briefing n [C, U] detailed instructions and information given at a meeting (esp before a military operation) (会议上作的)详细指示和介绍; (尤指军事行动前的)会议部署: receive (a) thorough briefing 听取详细指示 * [attrib 作定语] a briefing session 任务布置会.