1 / bri:f; brif/ adj (-er, -est)
(a) lasting only a short time; short 时间短暂的; 简短的: a brief conver-sation, discussion, meeting, visit, delay 短暂的谈话﹑ 讨论﹑ 会议﹑ 访问﹑ 耽搁 * Mozart's life was brief. 莫扎特的一生是短暂的. (b) (of speech or writing) using few words; concise (指说话或写作)简短的; 简洁的: a brief account, report, description, etc of the accident 对事故简短的叙述﹑ 报道﹑ 描述 * Please be brief, ie say what you want to say quickly. 请简断截说.
(of clothes) short; scanty (指衣着)短的, 刚刚够大的: a brief bikini 短小的比基尼游泳衣.
(idm 习语) in brief in a few words 简言之: In brief, your work is bad. 总之, 你做得不好.
> briefly adv
1 for a short time 短暂地: He paused briefly before continuing. 他停了片刻又继续进行.
2 in a few words 简单地说: Briefly, you're fired! 一句话, 你被解雇了!