/ breW; brZW/ n
(a) [U] (also infml 口语亦作 puff) air taken into and sent out of the lungs (呼吸的)空气: You can see people's breath on a cold day. 冷天能看到人们呼出的空气. * His breath smelt of garlic. 他呼出的气中有蒜味. (b) [C] single act of taking air into the lungs 吸气: take a deep breath, ie fill the lungs with air 深吸一口气.
~ of sth [sing] slight movement of air; gently blowing (空气的)轻微流动; 微风: There wasn't a breath of air/wind. 一点儿风都没有.
~ of sth [sing] (fig 比喻) slight suggestion or rumour of sth; hint of sth 迹象; 暗示: a breath of scandal 一丝流言蜚语 * the first breath of spring 早春的气息.
(idm 习语) a breath of fresh air (a) opportunity to breathe clean air, esp out of doors 呼吸新鲜空气的机会(尤指户外). (b) person or thing that is a welcome and refreshing change 带来起色的人或事物: Her smile is a breath of fresh air in this gloomy office. 她的微笑给沉闷的办公室带来生气. the breath of `life (to/for sb) thing that stimulates or inspires (sb); thing that is necessary (to sb) (某人的)精神支柱; (某人)必不可少的东西: Religion is the breath of life to/for her. 宗教是她不可或缺的精神支柱. catch one's breath => catch1. draw breath => draw2. draw one's first/last breath => draw2. get one's `breath (again/back) return to one's normal rate of breathing 恢复正常呼吸: It took us a few minutes to get our breath back after the race. 赛跑後我们用了好几分钟才恢复了正常呼吸. hold one's `breath stop breathing for a short time (eg during a medical examination or from fear or excitement) 暂时屏住呼吸(如体检时或因恐惧﹑ 激动): How long can you hold your breath for? 你能屏住呼吸多久? * The audience held its/their breath as the acrobat walked along the tightrope. 杂技演员走钢丝时, 观众都屏住了呼吸. in the same breath => same. lose one's breath => lose. one's last/dying `breath last moment of one's life 临终. (be) out of/short of `breath breathing very quickly (eg after running fast); panting hard 呼吸急促(如快跑以後); 喘不过气来; 上气不接下气: His heart condition makes him short of breath. 他心脏状况不佳使他呼吸急促. save one's breath => save1. say sth, speak, etc under one's `breath say sth, etc in a whisper 低声地说. take sb's `breath away startle or surprise sb 使某人吃惊或惊奇. waste one's breath => waste2. with bated breath => bated.
> breathy adj (-ier, -iest) (of the voice) with a noticeable sound of breathing (指嗓音)带有明显呼吸声音的.
# `breath test test of a driver's breath to measure how much alcohol he has drunk 呼吸测验(对司机的呼吸的测验, 以确定其体内酒精含量).