/ brB:s; [email protected] brs; brAs/ n
[U] bright yellow metal made by mixing copper and zinc 黄铜: [attrib 作定语] brass doorknobs, buttons 黄铜的门把手﹑ 钮扣 * a brass foundry 黄铜铸造厂.
(a) [U] objects made of brass, eg candlesticks, ornaments, etc 黄铜制品(如烛台﹑ 饰物等): do/clean/polish the brass 处理[擦净/擦亮]黄铜器. (b) [C] brass ornament worn by a horse 马戴的黄铜饰物.
the brass [Gp] (group of people in an orchestra who play) wind instruments made of brass (乐队中的)铜管乐器(组): The brass is/are too loud. 铜管乐的声音过大. =>illus at App 1 见附录1之插图, page x.
[C] (esp Brit) brass memorial tablet fixed to the floor or wall of a church (教堂的地上或墙上的)黄铜纪念牌.
[U] (Brit sl 俚) money 钱: He's got plenty of brass. 他很有钱.
[U] (infml 口) impudence; cheek 厚颜无耻; 厚脸皮: He had the brass to ask his boss for a 20% pay rise. 他厚着脸皮要求老板给他增加20%的工资.
(idm 习语) bold as brass => bold. get down to brass `tacks (infml 口) start to consider the basic facts or practical details of sth 开始考虑某事物的基本事实 或具体细节. top brass => top1.
> brassy adj (-ier, -iest)
1 like brass in colour 黄铜色的.
2 like a brass musical instrument in sound; harsh; blaring 声如铜管乐器的; 刺耳的; 嘹亮的.
3 (esp of a woman, her manner, etc) vulgarly showy and impudent; loud and flashy (尤指女人﹑ 其举止等)俗不可耐的, 无耻招摇的, 花里胡哨的. brassily adv. brassiness n [U].
# ,brass `band band playing brass and percussion instruments only 铜管乐队.
,brass `hat (infml esp Brit) high-ranking officer in the army; any important person 高级军官; 要员.
brass `knuckles (US) = knuckleduster (knuckle.
,brass `plate plate of brass displayed outside a house or office, giving the name and profession of the occupant 黄铜门牌.
`brass-rubbing n 1 [U] making a copy of the design on a brass(4) by rubbing a piece of paper placed over it with chalk or wax (用粉笔或蜡笔在覆盖於黄铜纪念牌上的纸上涂画以)拓印图案. 2 [C] copy made in this way (使用上述方法制成的)拓印品.