2 / bR:(r); bRr/ vt
[Tn] make (sb) feel tired and uninterested by being dull or tedious 使(某人)感到厌烦(因单调或乏味): I've heard all his stories before; they bore me/he bores me. 他的事我以前都听说过了, 那些事[]真使我厌烦. * I'm bored: let's go to the cinema. 我闷了, 咱们去看电影吧. * I hope you're not getting bored (by my conversation). 但愿(我的话)没让你厌烦.
(idm 习语) bore sb to `death/`tears bore sb intensely 令某人极度厌烦: Long novels bore me to tears. 我觉得长篇小说特别使人厌烦. a crashing bore => crash2.
> bore n person or thing that bores; nuisance 令人讨厌的人或事物; 麻烦: Don't be such a bore! 别这麽讨厌! * We've run out of petrol. What a bore! 我们的汽油用完了. 真麻烦! boredom / -dEm; -dEm/ n [U] state of being bored 厌烦; 厌倦.
boring / 5bR:rIN; `bRrIN/ adj uninteresting; dull; tedious 无趣的; 单调的; 乏味的: a boring conversation, job, book, party 枯燥无味的谈话﹑ 工作﹑ 书﹑ 聚会.