2 / bEUlt; bolt/ v
[I] (a) (esp of a horse) run away suddenly out of control (尤指马)惊(突然失控逃跑): The horse bolted in terror at the sound of the gun. 枪声把马吓惊了. (b) (of a person) run away quickly (指人)迅速逃跑: When the police arrived the burglars bolted. 警察来到时, 窃贼立即逃跑了.
[Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (down) swallow (food) quickly 匆匆吞咽(食物): Don't bolt your food you'll get indigestion! 别这麽狼吞虎咽--你会消化不良的!
[I] (of plants) grow quickly upwards and stop flowering when seeds are produced (指植物)迅速成长结子而不再开花: My lettuces have bolted. 我种的莴苣已经结子了.
(idm 习语) lock, etc the stable door after the horse has bolted => stable2.
> bolt n
1 [sing] act of bolting (bolt2 1b); sudden dash 逃跑; 猛冲.
2 (idm 习语) make a bolt/dash/run for it try to escape/to reach sth quickly 试图迅速逃走[抵达某处]: When the police arrived he made a bolt for it/for the door. 警方来到时, 他慌忙逃走[夺门而逃]了.
# `bolt-hole n place to which one can escape 可供逃奔的地方.