1 / bEUlt; bolt/ n
metal bar that slides into a socket to lock a door, window, etc (门﹑ 窗等的)闩.
metal pin with a head at one end, and a thread (as on a screw), used with a nut for fastening things together 螺栓.
short heavy arrow shot from a crossbow (用弩弓发射的)弩箭.
flash of lightning 闪电; 霹雳.
quantity of cloth, etc wound in a roll (布疋等的量)一疋, 一卷.
(idm 习语) a ,bolt from the `blue unexpected (and usu unwelcome) event; complete surprise 意外的(通常为不受欢迎的)事件; 晴天霹雳: The news of his death was (like) a bolt from the blue. 他逝世的消息犹如晴天霹雳. the nuts and bolts => nut. shoot one's bolt => shoot1.
> bolt v
1 (a) [I, Tn] fasten (sth) with a bolt1(1) 将(某物)闩上: The gate bolts on the inside. 这大门是从里面闩上的. * Remember to bolt all the doors and windows. 别忘将所有门窗闩住. (b) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p]. ~ A to B; ~ A and B (together) fasten objects (together) with bolts (bolt1 2) 用螺栓将物体固定住: The vice is bolted to the work-bench. 老虎钳是用螺栓拧在工作台上的. * The various parts of the car are bolted together. 这辆汽车的各种配件是用螺栓装在一起的.
2 (phr v) bolt sb in/out prevent sb from leaving/entering a room, house, etc by bolting the doors, etc 将门等闩上不让某人出[].