2 / bRIl; bRIl/ v
(a) [I] (of a liquid) bubble up and change to vapour by being heated (指液体)沸腾; (水)开: When water boils it turns into steam. 水沸腾而变成蒸汽. * The kettle (ie The water in the kettle) is boiling. 壶(里的水)开了. * Have the potatoes (ie Has the water in which the potatoes are being cooked) boiled yet? 煮马铃薯的水开了吗? =>Usage at water1 用法见 water1. (b) [I, Ip] ~ (away) continue to boil 不断沸腾: There's a saucepan boiling away on the stove. 炉子上锅里的水一直开着.
[Tn] cause (a liquid) to boil 使(液体)沸腾: boil some water for the rice 把水煮开做饭.
[I, Tn, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth (for sb) cook or wash sth in boiling water 用开水煮或洗某物: boiled cabbage, carrots, potatoes, etc 煮熟的洋白菜﹑ 胡萝卜﹑ 马铃薯等 * Please boil me an egg/boil an egg for me. 请给我煮一个鸡蛋. =>Usage at cook 用法见 cook.
[I, Ip] be very angry or agitated 愤怒; 激动: He was boiling (over) with rage. 他怒火中烧.
(idm 习语) boil `dry (of a liquid) boil until there is none left (指液体)煮乾: Don't let the pan boil dry. 别把锅里的水煮乾了. keep the pot boiling => pot1. make sb's blood boil => blood1.
(phr v) boil (sth) away (cause sth to) boil until nothing remains; evaporate (sth) (使某物)烧乾; 使(某物)蒸发: The water in the kettle had all boiled away. 壶里的水完全烧乾了. boil (sth) down reduce or be reduced by boiling 煮浓; 熬浓. boil sth down (to sth) (infml 口) summarize sth; condense sth 归纳(某事物); 浓缩某事物: Could you boil that article down to 400 words? 你能把这篇文章缩写成400字吗? boil down to sth (be able to) be summarized as sth (能)归结为某事物: The issue really boils down to a clash between left and right. 这场争论确实可归结为左派与右派之间的冲突. boil over (a) (of liquid in a pan, etc) boil and flow over the side of a pan, etc (指锅等容器中的液体)沸腾而溢出: The milk is boiling over. 牛奶沸腾得溢出来了. (b) (infml 口) be very angry 非常恼火. (c) (of a situation, quarrel, etc) reach a point of crisis; explode (指形势﹑ 争论等)达到危急关头; 爆发: The crisis is in danger of boiling over into civil war. 这一危机有触发内战之势.
> boil n
1 act of boiling 沸腾.
2 (idm 习语) be on the `boil be boiling 沸腾着. bring sth to the `boil heat sth until it boils 将某物煮至沸腾: Bring the mixture to the boil, then let it simmer for ten minutes. 把混合物煮至沸腾, 然後再用文火煮十分钟. come to the `boil begin to boil 开始沸腾. off the `boil having just stopped boiling 停止沸腾: (fig infml 比喻, 口) He began by playing brilliantly but he's rather gone off the boil (ie he has begun playing less well) in the last few minutes. 一开始他表现得非常出色, 但最後几分钟就不怎麽好了.
boiling adj = boilinghot: You must be boiling in that thick sweater. 你穿着那件厚毛衣一定很热吧.
# boiled `sweet sweet made of boiled sugar 硬糖.
boiling `hot (infml 口) very hot 炎热的; 酷热的: a boiling hot day 炎热的一天.
`boiling-point n 1 temperature at which a liquid begins to boil 沸点. =>App 5 见附录5. 2 (infml 口) condition or state of great excitement 极度兴奋: The match has reached boiling-point. 比赛已进入高潮.