/ bEUst; bost/ v
[I, Ipr, Tf] ~ (about/of sth) talk (about one's own achievements, abilities, etc) with too much pride and satisfaction 自夸; 自吹自擂: He's always boasting about his children's success at school. 他总是夸耀他的孩子们学习成绩好. * That's nothing to boast about. 那没有什麽值得自吹的. * He boasted of being/boasted that he was the best player in the team. 他自夸是队里的最佳队员.
[Tn] possess (sth to be proud of) 有(引以为荣的事物): The town boasts a world-famous art gallery. 这个镇子引以为荣的是有个闻名於世的美术馆.
> boast n
1 ~ (that...) (derog 贬) boastful statement 自夸的话: His boast that he could drink ten pints of beer impressed nobody. 他自吹自擂说能喝十品脱啤酒, 但无人理睬他.
2 thing that one is proud of; cause for satisfaction 引以自豪的事物; 令人满意的原因: It was his proud boast that he had never missed a day's work because of illness. 他从未请过一天病假, 这是他引以自豪的事.
boaster n person who boasts 自夸者.
boastful / -fUl; -9fEl/ adj (a) (of a person) often boasting (指人)好自夸的. (b) (of a statement, etc) full of self-praise (指言语等)充满自夸的. boastfully/-fElI; -fElI/ adv.