2 / 5blQdI; `blQdI/ adj [attrib 作定语], adv (<!> Britinfml 讳, 口)
(used to emphasize a judgement or comment用以加强判断或评论的语气) utter(ly); absolute(ly); extreme(ly) 完全; 绝对; 极端: bloody nonsense, rubbish, etc 胡闹﹑ 无聊...透顶 * This rail strike is a bloody nuisance. 这次铁路罢工真讨厌. * What a bloody waste of time! 多浪费时间哪! * That was a bloody good meal! 这真是一顿非常丰盛的饭菜!
(used to stress anger or annoyance 用以加强愤怒或厌恶的语气): What the bloody hell are you doing? 你到底在搞甚麽鬼? * I don't bloody care. 我根本就不在乎.
(idm 习语) bloody well (Brit infml 口) (used to emphasize an angry statement, esp an order 用以强调气愤的话, 尤指命令) certainly; definitely 当然; 的确: `I'm not coming with you. ' `Yes you bloody well are!' ‘我不跟你一块儿去.’‘不行, 你一定得跟我一块儿去!’
# ,bloody-`minded adj (Brit infml 口) deliberately unhelpful or obstructive 故意不予合作的; 存心刁难的: Everybody else accepts the decision. Why must you be so bloody-minded? 别人都同意这个决议, 你为甚麽偏要故意刁难? bloody-mindedness n [U].