/ blINk; blINk/ v
[I, Tn] shut and open the eyes quickly 眨眼: He blinked in the bright sunlight. 他在灿烂的阳光照射下眨着眼睛. * How long can you stare without blinking (your eyes)? 你能瞪着看多长时间不眨眼?
[I] (of distant lights) shine unsteadily; flicker (指远处灯光)闪烁: Harbour lights were blinking on the horizon. 海港的灯火在水平线上闪烁着.
(idm 习语) blink the fact (that...) refuse to consider; ignore 不考虑; 不顾及: You can't blink the fact that the country's economy is suffering. 不能不考虑国家经济正遇到困难这一事实.
(phr v) blink sth away/back try to control or hide (esp tears) by blinking 尽力用眨眼来控制或遮掩(尤指眼泪): Although in pain, she bravely blinked back her tears. 她虽然很疼痛, 但还是硬把眼泪抑制住了.
> blink n
1 act of blinking 眨眼.
2 sudden quick gleam of light 闪光.
3 (idm 习语) on the blink (infml 口) (of a machine) not working properly; out of order (指机器)不灵, 出故障: The washing machine's on the blink again. 洗衣机又出毛病了.