/ 5blesIN; `blZsIN/ n
(usu sing 通常作单数) (a) God's favour and protection 神恩; 神的保佑: ask for God's blessing 求神保佑. (b) prayer asking for this (求神保佑的)祈祷. (c) short prayer of thanks to God before or after a meal (餐前或餐後的)祷告: say a blessing 祷告.
(usu sing 通常作单数) good wishes; approval 祝愿; 认可: I cannot give my blessing to such a proposal. 我不能同意这样的提议.
thing that one is glad of; thing that brings happiness 令人高兴的事物; 带来幸福的事物: What a blessing you weren't hurt in the accident! 你在这次事故中没有受伤, 真是幸运!
(idm 习语) a blessing in dis`guise thing that seems unfortunate, but is later seen to be fortunate 初看似乎不幸, 然而过後看来却是幸运的事; 祸中福: Not getting into university may be a blessing in disguise; I don't think you'd have been happy there. 没能上大学焉知非福, 我想你在大学里是不会觉得快乐的. count one's blessings=> count1.