/ bles; blZs/ v (pt, pp blessed / blest; blZst/; in sense 5, pp blest / blest; blZst/) [Tn]
ask God's favour and protection for (sb/sth) 求神赐福於(某人[某事物]); 求神保佑: They brought the children to Jesus and he blessed them. 他们把孩子们领到耶稣跟前, 耶稣就赐福予他们. * The Pope blessed the crowd. 教皇向人群祝福. * The priest blessed the harvest. 牧师祈求丰收.
(esp in Christian ritual) make (sth) sacred or holy; consecrate (尤用於基督教仪式中)使(某事物)神圣; 奉献: The priest blessed the bread and wine, ie before the celebration of the Eucharist. 牧师先将饼和酒圣洁化, 然後开始圣餐仪式.
(esp in Christian Church services) call (God) holy; praise; glorify (尤用於基督教教会礼拜仪式中)颂扬(上帝); 赞美: `We bless Thy Holy Name.' ‘我们颂赞您的圣名.’
(esp imperative in prayers 尤用於祷文中的祈使句) (fml 文) grant health, happiness and success to (sb/sth) 赐与(某人[某事物])健康﹑ 幸福及成功: Bless (ie We ask God to bless) all those who are hungry, lonely or sick. 求神赐福於那些饥饿﹑ 孤独或患病的人.
(pp blest) (dated infml 旧, 口) (esp in exclamations expressing surprise 尤用於感叹句, 表示惊奇): Bless me! 哎呀! * Bless my soul! 哎呀! * Well, I'm blest! 哎呀! * I'm blest if I know! ie I don't know at all. 我要是知道就好了(我一点也不知道).
(idm 习语) be blessed with sth/sb be fortunate in having sth/sb 在某事物[某人]方面有福: He is blessed with excellent health. 他身体好极了, 真有福. * (joc or ironic 谑或反语) Mrs Murphy is blessed with twelve children. 墨菲夫人有十二个孩子, 真有福气. `bless you (used as an interj to express thanks or affection, or said to sb who has sneezed 用作感叹词, 表示谢意或情意, 或当别人打喷嚏时说): You've bought me a present? Bless you! 你给我买来一个礼物是吗? 太感谢你了!