2 / blB:st; [email protected] blAst; blAst/ v
[I, Tn] destroy or break apart (esp rocks) using explosives 用炸药炸开(尤指石头): Danger! Blasting in progress! 危险! 正在爆破! * The village was blasted by enemy bombs. 村子被敌人炸弹炸毁.
[Tn] damage or destroy (esp plants) by blight, cold, heat, etc; cause to wither (使)枯萎, (使)凋谢(尤指植物): buds/crops blasted by frost/wind 被霜[]所毁的幼芽[农作物].
[I] make a loud harsh noise 发出响亮刺耳的噪音.
[Tn] (infml 口) criticize (sb/sth) severely 严厉地批评, 痛斥(某人[某事物]): The film was blasted by the critics. 这部电影遭到影评家的猛烈的抨击.
(phr v) blast sth away, down, in, etc break something in a specified way by blasting 把某物炸至(某种状况): The explosion blasted the door open/down/in. 这爆炸把屋门炸开[炸倒/炸进屋内]. blast
`off (of spacecraft) be launched by the firing of rockets (指宇宙飞船)被火箭发射出: Apollo II blasted off at noon. 阿波罗2号於中午发射升空.
> blast interj (expressing annoyance) how infuriating! (表示烦恼)倒霉! 糟糕!: Blast! I've burnt the toast. 真倒霉! 我把面包片烤?胡了.
blasted adj [attrib 作定语] (infml 口) very annoying 令人非常烦恼的: What a blasted nuisance! 这事多讨厌!
blasting n (infml) harsh criticism 严厉的批评: give his work a terrific blasting 对他的工作狠批一通.
# `blast-off n (time of) launching of a spacecraft 宇宙飞船发射(的时间): Blast-off is in 30 seconds. 30秒钟後发射升空.