1 / blB:st; [email protected] blAst; blAst/ n
[C, U] explosion; destructive wave of air from an explosion 爆炸; (由爆炸所引起具有破坏力的)气浪; 冲击波: a bomb blast 炸弹的爆炸 * Several passers-by were killed by (the) blast. 数名路人被炸死.
[C] sudden strong gust of air 一阵强烈的气流: the wind's icy blasts 阵阵冰冷的风 * a blast ofhot air from the furnace 来自高炉的一股炽热气浪.
[C]loud sound made by a brass instrument, car horn, etc (铜管乐器或汽车喇叭等所发出的)响亮声音: blow a blast on a bugle, trumpet, whistle, etc 军号﹑ 喇叭﹑ 哨子等吹出的声音.
[C] stream of hot air used to intensify the heat in a furnace 鼓风热气流(用以提高熔炉温度).
(idm 习语) full blast => full.
# `blast-furnace n furnace for melting iron ore using blasts of hot air forced into it 鼓风炉; 高炉.