/ blANk; blANk/ adj (-er, -est)
(a) without writing or print; unmarked 空白的; 无痕迹的: a blank sheet of paper 一张白纸 * a blank page 空白的一页 * Write on one side of the page and leave the other side blank. 在这页的一边写字, 另一边空着. (b) (of a document, etc) with empty spaces for writing answers, a signature, etc (指文件等)有空白处的(供填写答覆﹑ 签字等): a blank form 空白的表格. (c) bare; empty 光着的; 空的: a blank wall, ie without doors, windows, pictures, etc 一堵光秃秃的墙(没有门窗, 没有图画等).
without expression, understanding or interest; empty 没表情的; 不理解的; 没兴趣的; 空虚的: a blank expression/face/gaze 茫然的表情[面孔/凝视] * He looked blank, ie puzzled. 他显得不知所措. * Her questions drew blank looks all round, ie No one seemed to know how to answer them. 她的问题把大家问得目瞪口呆. * Suddenly my mind went blank, ie I was unable to remember anything or think properly. 猛然间我的脑子里成了一片空白.
[attrib 作定语] total; absolute 全部的; 绝对的: a blank denial/refusal 全然的否认[拒绝].
> blank n
1 (a) empty space in a document, etc for writing answers, a signature, etc (文件之类供作答﹑ 签名等所留的)空白: fill in the blanks on the question paper 在问卷上填空 * If you can't answer the question, leave a blank. 如果答不上来就空着. (b) printed document with empty spaces 空白表格: I've filled in this form incorrectly. Can I have another blank? 我把表格填错了. 再给我一张空白的, 可以吗?
2 empty space; void 空白; 空虚; 空隙: My mind/memory was a (complete) blank I couldn't think of a single answer. 我头脑[记忆]里(完全)是一片空白--连一个答案也想不出.
3 = blank cartridge.
4 (idm 习语) draw a blank => draw2.
blank v (phr v) blank sth out obscure or erase sth 掩盖; 删去.
blankly adv with a blank expression 茫然若失: look blankly at sb/sth 呆呆地看着某人[某物].
blankness n [U].
# ,blank `cartridge cartridge that contains powder but no bullet (有弹药而无弹头的)空弹, 空包弹.
,blank `cheque (a) signed cheque with the amount to be paid left blank, for the payee to write in (由受款人自行填写金额的)空白支票. (b) (fig 比喻) complete authority to do sth 对某事可全权处理: The architect was given/presented with a blank cheque to design a new city centre. 设计师被授予全权设计一个新的城市中心区.
,blank `verse verse written in lines of usu ten syllables, without rhyme 无韵诗(通常为每行十个音节而不押韵的诗歌): Many Elizabethan plays are written in blank verse. 伊丽莎白时代的许多戏剧以无韵诗形式写成.