2 / bId; bId/ n
price offered in order to buy sth, esp at an auction (为购某物的)出价(尤指拍卖时): make a bid of 50 for a painting 为一幅画出价50英镑 * Any higher/further bids? 还有出更高价的吗?
(esp US) = tender3.
effort to do, obtain, achieve, etc sth; attempt (做﹑ 获得﹑ 实现...某事物的)努力; 企图: He failed in his bid to reach the summit. 他攀登顶峰未能成功. * make a bid for power/popular support 争取权力[大众的支持].
statement of the number of tricks a player proposes to win in a card-game (打桥牌时牌手对欲赢墩数的)叫牌: `It's your bid next.' `No bid.' ‘轮到你叫牌了.’‘我不叫.’