1 / bId; bId/ v (-dd-; pt, pp bid ; in sense 3, pt usu 用於下述第3义时过去式通常作 bade / bd; bAd/, pp bidden / 5bIdn; `bIdn/)
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ (sth) (for sth); esp US ~ (sth) (on sth) (a) offer (a price) in order to buy sth, esp at an auction (购物时)出价; (尤指拍卖时)喊价: What am I bid (for this painting)? (这幅画)给我个价, 诸位愿意出多少钱? * She bid 500 (for the painting). 她喊价500英镑(买这幅画). * We had hoped to get the house but another couple was bidding against us, ie repeatedly offering a higher price than us. 我们原希望买下这所房子, 但另一对夫妇不断抬价与我们竞买. (b) offer (a price) for doing work, providing a service, etc 投标: Several firms have bid for the contract to build the new concert hall. 有几家公司投标, 争取建造新音乐厅的合同.
[I, Tn] (in card-games, esp bridge) make a bid2(4) (纸牌戏中, 尤指桥牌)叫(牌): bid two hearts 叫2红桃.
(arch or fml 古或文) (a) [Dn.t] order (sb); tell 吩咐(某人); 告诉: Do as you are bidden. 按照吩咐你的去做. * She bade me (to) come in. 她叫我进来. (b) [Dn.pr, Dn.t] invite (sb) 邀请(某人): guests bidden to (attend) the feast 应邀赴宴的宾客. (c) [no passive 不用於被动语态: Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sth to sb say sth as a greeting, etc 说(问候﹑ 打招呼等的话): bid sb good morning 向某人道早安 * He bade farewell (ie said goodbye) to his sweetheart. 他向他的情人告别.
(idm 习语) bid fair to do sth (arch or rhet 古或修辞) seem likely to do sth 有做某事的可能: The plan for a new hospital bids fair to succeed. 兴建新医院的计划有希望成功.
> biddable adj ready to obey; docile 听话的; 温顺的.
bidder n person or group that bids at an auction (拍卖时的)喊价者: The house went to the highest bidder, ie the person who offered the most money. 房子卖给了出价最高的人.
bidding n [U]
1 (fml 文) order; command 吩咐; 命令: do sb's bidding, ie obey sb 服从 * At his father's bidding he wrote to his lawyer. 他遵照父亲的吩咐给律师写信.
2 offering of prices at an auction (拍卖时的)竞买, 喊价, 出价: Bidding was brisk, ie Many offers were made one after the other. 出价很踊跃(一个接一个地竞相喊价).
3 (in card-games) process of bidding (bid1 2) (纸牌戏中)叫牌: Can you remind me of the bidding (ie who bid what)? 请再说一次谁叫了什麽牌.