/ bI5li:v; bI`liv/ v
[Tn, Tw] feel sure of the truth of (sth); accept the statement of (sb) as true 相信(某事物)的真实性; 认为(某人)的话属实: I believe him/what he says. 我相信他[他的话]. * I'm innocent, please believe me. 我是无辜的, 请相信我吧. * I'll believe it/that when I see it, ie Until I have evidence, I remain sceptical. 我亲眼见到才能相信(尚无证据, 我仍有怀疑). * I'm told he's been in prison, and I can well believe it, ie it doesn't surprise me. 有人对我说他进过监狱, 我完全能够相信这一点.
[Tf, Tw, Tnt] think (perhaps mistakenly); suppose 认为, 以为(容或有误); 设想: People used to believe (that) the world was flat. 过去人们以为地球是扁的. * Nobody will believe what difficulty we have had/believe how difficult it has been for us. 谁也想像不到我们遇到了什麽样的困难[这对我们来说一直是多麽困难]. * They believed him to be insane. 他们认为他疯了. * I believe it to have been a mistake. 我认为这一直就是错的. * Mr Smith, I believe, ie I presume you are Mr Smith. 我想您就是史密斯先生吧. * `Is he coming?' `I believe so/not.' ‘他来吗?’‘我想他来[不来].’
[I] have religious faith 具有宗教信仰: He thinks that everyone who believes will go to heaven. 他认为凡是信神者都将进天堂.
(idm 习语) be,lieve it or `not it may sound surprising but it is true 信不信由你: Believe it or not, we were left waiting in the rain for two hours. 信不信由你, 我们冒雨一直等了两个小时. be,lieve (you) `me I assure you 我向你保证: Believe you me, the government won't meddle with the tax system. 我向你保证, 政府绝不会干预税收制度的. give sb to believe/understand => give1. lead sb to believe => lead3. make believe (that...) pretend 假装: The boys made believe (that) they were astronauts. 男孩儿们假扮成航天员. Cf 参看 make-believe (make1). not be,lieve one's `ears/`eyes be unable to believe that what one hears or sees is real because one is so astonished 惊讶得无法相信所见所闻是事实. ,seeing is `believing (saying 谚) one needs to see sth before one can believe it exists or happens 眼见为实. ,would you be`lieve (it)? (expressing astonishment or dismay 表示惊讶或沮丧) although it is hard to believe 尽管难以置信: Today, would you believe, she came to work in an evening dress! 说出来你可能不信, 今天她穿了晚礼服来上班!
(phr v) believe in sb/sth feel sure of the existence of sb/sth 相信某人[某事物]的存在: I believe in God. 我信仰上帝. * Do you believe in ghosts? 你相信有鬼吗? believe in sth/sb; believe in doing sth trust sth/sb; feel sure of the worth or truth of sth 相信某事物[某人]; 肯定某事物的价值或正确性: I believe in his good character. 我相信他品德良好. * Do you believe in nuclear dis-armament? 你认为真能裁减核军备吗? * He believes in getting plenty of exercise. 他相信多做运动必有好处. believe sth of sb accept that sb is capable of a particular action, etc 相信某人在从事某种特殊活动等方面的才能: If I hadn't seen him doing it I would never have believed it of him. 要不是亲眼看见, 我怎麽也不会相信他能做这事.
> believable adj that can be believed 可信的.believably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv.
believer n
1 person who believes, esp sb with religious faith 笃信者; (尤指)教徒.
2 (idm 习语) be a (great/firm) believer in sth feel sure of the worth of sth 肯定某事物的价值: I'm not a great believer in (taking) regular physical exercise. 我对经常锻炼身体的好处有点怀疑.